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Olasagasti anchovies: Melbourne's greatest breakfast and bar snack in one

Fitzroy's hot-spot wine-bar-eatery Napier Quarter was recently reviewed by Age Good Food Guide's Gemima Cody. The go-to ingredient was our beautiful Olasagasti anchovies completing chef Eileen Horsnell's rye bread with boiled egg, salsa verde and mayonnaise - "possibly Melbourne's greatest breakfast and bar snack in one". Our Olasagasti anchovy fillets shine in this delicious snack. 

Red Kampot pepper ice cream

Our friend chef Matt Germanchis has created a beautiful ice cream with our Kampot Pepper Traders red pepper with caramelised yoghurt and beetroot for the @sundaeschoolicecreamery .

Truffle season 2019 has arrived

Can you see the love, skill, preparation, knowledge, patience, blood, sweat and tears in this glorious Tasmanian truffle? It was produced by our Tasmanian partners, Eriks and Christine Muske.