Italian Giaveri’s Beluga sturgeon caviar 

Beluga caviar is the most famous of all caviars. It comes from the ‘Huso Huso’ Sturgeon, the largest of all sturgeon species. This particular sturgeon is slow to develop - it doesn’t ovulate before around 21 years old - but can become massive (over 1000kg) and live for over a century . The Giaveri's Beluga/Siberian caviar is characterised by grandeur: the largest eggs, minimal salting, leaving the Queen of Caviar to speak for herself. 

Friend & Burrell Caviar Recipe Tips 

Caviar can be eaten on its own, using mother-of-pearl spoons, wooden spoons or off the back of your hand between your thumb and index finger (or some one else's hand...), perhaps near your accompanying Champagne (no metal as it can affect the flavour). Caviar is vulnerable to oxidisation so open it immediately before eating. Serve it on a bed of ice… and eat on its own or with lightly buttered toasted bread, blinis or on your scrambled eggs on top of a dollop of creme fraiche, simple and delicious. It’s very important to keep caviar in the coldest part of your fridge, not in the freezer. The optimal storage temperature is zero degrees. You’re welcome to contact us if we can ever help you with storage, serving or eating advice.

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Beluga caviar (Giaveri Family)