Caviar - Shadi by La Maison Nordique

Leading fish and caviar masters in China and France bring us the excellent Shadi caviar. Shadi caviar is farmed by Kaluga Queen (the world’s major producer of caviar in Quzhou, China) and then treated and packed in France by La Maison Nordique (a fine food family business based in Paris, France).

The pristine waters and forest in and around the beautiful Thousand Island Lake on the Qiantang river in Quzhou in the western Zhejiang province of China, make an ideal home for the various sturgeon species providing the roe. This environment closely resembles optimal wild conditions and is the place where the eggs are farmed, washed, salted and then aged for two months in mother boxes.

The boxes are then sent to France where the roe is further assessed, tasted and packed by caviar masters of leading French caviar producer, La Maison Nordique.

Shadi is the caviar of choice for 21 of the 26 Michelin three-starred restaurants in Paris, including Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athénée Hotel. Seafood specialist Eric Ripert serves Shadi caviar at Le Bernardin in New York. Lufthansa offers Shadi in first-class cabins. Shadi caviar was served to world leaders, including President Obama, at the 2016 Group of 20 summit.

The list of top chefs buying Shadi caviar is growing. At the new Le Comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire in Shanghai, Shadi caviar is featured in multiple dishes such as a slow poached egg with Champagne sauce. Le Comptoir chef Romain Chapel says it “tastes more refined and pure compared to a lot of imported ones.”