Black Truffle Producers Australia

Friend & Burrell is grateful to work with some of the most innovative, environmentally conscious and intelligent farmers and food producers on the planet. Friend & Burrell collaborates with truffiéres in various truffle regions in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia. This enables us to secure a reliable supply chain and to enjoy the longest possible season. We have good quality truffles from the early harvests (usually from WA) through to the latest (usually from Victoria and Tasmania).

We enjoy a partnership with the Marshall family of Terra Preta Truffles in Braidwood, NSW. We also partner directly with truffle farmers in Western Tiers, Tasmania; in Western Australia; in Baw Baw, the Central Highlands goldfields region as well as the Strathbogie Ranges in Victoria.


Terra Preta Truffles was created by the Marshall family just outside Braidwood in NSW, its name reflecting its dark, fertile earth enhanced by a “biochar”, the result of man-made burning and charcoal making. Peter Marshall, a renowned arborist and forester, has deep respect for the role of fungi in our ecosystem.

Peter and his family, wife Kate, and the next generation of Marshalls (Keith, Gus, Rita and Zoe), assisted by truffle dogs (Sally and Shadow), harvest truffles from the environment they support to resemble Mother Nature’s optimal melanosporum conditions with respect for the Braidwood terroir.

Victoria and Tasmania

Eriks Muske’s Western Tiers Truffles, near Mole Creek at the foot of the Western Tiers mountains in Tasmania, farms in the state’s ideal melanosporum conditions - cool climate, healthy soil and a pristine environment. In Gordon near Ballarat in Victoria’s Central Highlands, Oak Hill Truffles, the farm of Ian and Merilyn Woodhouse, is about to start its seventh successful season. 200 kilometres north-east is the alpine Baw Baw region, with national parks, forests, rivers, creeks and mountain peaks. It is home to horticultural, dairy and forestry activities including David Hooke’s Baw Baw Truffles which grows melanosporum in healthy brown soil, with cool temperatures and high rainfall. Similar conditions exist in Creek Junction, Victoria, at Nangiyala Truffiere, the melanosporum farm of David and Kate McConnell assisted by truffle dog Audrey.

Western Australia

We partner with truffle producers in Western Australia, home of beautiful vineyards and orchards, as well as some of the largest truffieres in the southern hemisphere where Tuber melanosporum thrive in a favourable climate with cool, moist winters and warm, dry summers. Heston Blumenthal regards the black truffles of this region as amongst the best melanosporum in the world.