Simon Friend and Bryan Burrell 

The Friend and Burrell approach rests on a foundation of loyalty and trust combined with healthy appetites for high quality ingredients, curiosity and humour. Friendly in name and character, Simon Friend met Bryan Burrell during their former professional lives in tennis. Both hail from Victoria, and have long enjoyed Melbourne’s eclectic dining scene. Bryan’s business expertise, with Simon’s sociable nature and background in high-end seafood exports, make for a solid business partnership.

It all began over 15 years ago when Simon was approached by a producer to introduce PNG vanilla beans to the Australian market. Having provided the vanilla to Melbourne chefs, and gaining their confidence, the rest is history – identify the ingredients respected by chefs and cooks, then source the very best.

Best restaurants in Melbourne

Many eateries – hatted fine diners, bistros, wine bars, cafes, caterers and keen home cooks – rely on the consistency and quality of Friend & Burrell's ingredients: Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner By Heston, IDES, Shannon Bennett’s Vue de Monde group, Neil Perry’s Rockpool group, Scott Pickett's Estelle and Matilda, Movida, the Grossi family, George Calombaris, the Flower Drum, Sunda, Anchovy, Hell of the North, Bellota Wine Bar, Napier Quarter, the Arbory and many more.

Exclusive quality food producers

The partnership procures and supplies chefs with high quality, carefully graded, seasonal fresh truffles from Australia, Spain, Hungary, Croatia and Italy. F&B is the exclusive supplier in Australia of Giaveri caviar, Iranian Zar Taj saffron, Olasagasti's anchovies, Starling Farm’s A grade Kampot pepper, as well as other specialty ingredients valued by discerning kitchens in Australia and overseas. Friend & Burrell was among the first to connect Australian eaters with the world’s best ham, Joselito jamón ibérico, and remains a valued Joselito supplier.

Truffles, caviar, saffron, jamon, vanilla beans, anchovies, pepper

Whether your interest lies in truffles, caviar, Joselito Iberico ham, Iranian saffron, PNG vanilla beans, Cantabrian anchovies, black garlic or Kampot pepper, trust that Friend & Burrell has procured the best, reflecting the producer’s meticulous, sustainable practice.

Chefs, home cooks, restaurateurs, FOH, sommeliers, caterers, fine food retailers, importers, passionate foodies: please call us for an ingredient and price list. F&B is always interested in further excellent culinary products of interest to chefs and cooks - farmers and producers are most welcome to contact us.