Papua New Guinea's vanilla 

  • 15-18cm Length

Our PNG beans have their own aroma and flavour reflecting the soil and climate of their place of origin. Our vanilla is of dark, unblemished appearance, oily, supple, pliable, with good nose, flavour and yield. Moisture and vanillin levels are consistent with this condition of high quality. We offer beans of length at least 15cm.  The Vanilla Tahitensis has anise, floral, spicy and fruity notes while the Vanilla Planifolia is more savoury, hay-like and woody.

Friend & Burrell has supplied vanilla beans from the Sepik region of Papua New Guinea for nearly 20 years. When vanilla prices spiked over the last few years due to the issues in Madagascar, we endeavoured to engage more directly with the growers in this region, which is where the bulk of the growing, curing and grading of PNG’s vanilla crop occurs. Our journey has been challenging at times, given the remote geographical terrain, the logistics, and the communication and language barriers. This region is not only remote, but also presents issues with security and interference from some in the local community during the transport of our vanilla.

However, we have successfully established working relationships with co-operatives and families with the local knowledge and expertise to manage these issues and provide Friend & Burrell consistently graded premium Tahitensis and Planifolia pods 15-20 cm in length. We are proud of our ability to work alongside indigenous communities in villages around Maprik, the home and heartland of PNG vanilla. You can see some of our farmers at work at

The trust we now have, as well as several visits from village leaders and farmers to spend time with us in Melbourne, has been our single greatest achievement. We are now able to oversee the final grading of all our vanilla before we ship to our colleagues in Australia and around the world. 


Vanilla (Farmers Collective of Sepik PNG)