Italian Prosciutto Galloni

  • Preservatives free

  • Genetic tested

  • 5-6kg

  • Special 30 month storage process

The Galloni family uses traditional processing methods: the salting is carried out by hand, the smearing repeated twice, or even three times if necessary, and ageing takes place in cellars with natural ventilation. The raw materials come exclusively from selected farms, growing “mature” heavy pigs of national breeds, fed naturally and subject to rigorous health controls. This ensures the product is a large-sized prosciutto, suitable for a long ageing (at least 24 months instead of the 12 months minimum required for Parma prosciutto) and having the lowest possible salt content. Their hams exhibit the sweetness, fragrance and taste identifying the very best Parma prosciutto. Fratelli Galloni customers include deli’s, cafes and restaurants in Italy, London, New York and in some Australia’s very best eateries.


Prosciutto (Galloni Family)